How to get sculpt rock-solid abs- a few tips

How to get sculpt rock-solid abs is the most frequently asked questions. Many people want to know to strengthen abdominal muscles and achieve a well toned midsection. To accomplish your this dream, we are discussing a few tips in this article.

The first thing you need to ensure is that you are eating the right food. If you are eating correctly, it does not matter how much you exercise, the results you get are not desirable. Have 5 to 6 small meals in a day. You must eat healthy after every 2-3 hours. Despite having breakfast, lunch and dinner also eat a healthy snack like fruits of yogurt between each meal. Eat in small portions and breaks.

The next tip is to incorporate isometric exercises in your regime. Isometric exercise trains your muscles by exerting 70% of your robustness. The foremost benefit of this training session is that they bring in work muscle fibers that would otherwise remain idle. It takes less time to perform them, and it is the aptest exercise for toning muscles.

These are the strength training exercises that do not involve any joint movement. One of the most efficacious isometric exercises is planking. It is one of the best exercises to work on the core. Traditionally, for planks, you have to get down to the floor. Now you can switch to Plank-360, a stand plank device.

You can do planking at 360 degrees and work on your six packs, love handles and back. The device comes with resistance bands that are flexible and can stretch 3x times their original length allowing a full range of motion. The equipment can help you get the desired results in the shortest time possible.

Keep track of your results. Write down everything from your eating habits to your exercise regime in a notebook. Also note down the calories you had in a day or so. Maintain a record of exercises you perform on a regular basis. It helps you evaluate your daily initiatives.

Stick to your routine, even things seem tough. At first, it might seem hard to keep going if you are not getting the results you desire. Do not let your spirits fall. Try harder. A workout may initially take time to show results, but it never gets wasted. Once you stop, it becomes hard to start again. So keep going in the right track.

Getting Rid of Stomach fat- a few exercises

How to lose belly fat fast is one of the most commonly asked questions these days? It is quite prominent that people find it easy to lose the top of their belly fat, but it is way more complicated when it comes to getting rid of lower belly.

You can lose belly fat only when you stick to a proper diet and exercise regime. It is important to learn which food to eat that helps you melt away the unwanted belly fat. Eat healthy food. Also discover what works on your body or which regime is useless. It assists you in understanding the right way to lose fat from your belly.

Exercise regularly. It burns more calories and also at the same time enhance your general health. Include 30 minutes walk in your routine, and you will observe a change in the size of your stomach. The brisker and longer you walk, the more fat you burn off.

Instead of doing hundred sit-ups and crunches, focus on weight lifting or static exercises. The static exercises involve multiple muscle groups and joints. It includes squat, presses, lunges and Burpee push ups. Resistance training also tones the muscles of your stomach, giving you a flat and tight abdominal muscles. An hour of crunches does not match the benefits of a 10-minute plan workout.

Planking is one the best exercises for flat and toned stomach as it works on all muscles in your core including rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and internal and external obliques, hips and back. It is the best training to work on the core.

With a few necessary changes in your workout, you can drastically lose the lower belly fat, which otherwise seems tough to get rid of. For a flat tummy, there are no secret exercises or remedies. It is not something you can attain in a day or two. There are no shortcuts of getting rid of your belly fat, and you have to work hard to melt the fat in the area. Do not loose patience and follow a fitness regime that can work wonders for your body.

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The easiest way to reduce the body fat and have strong muscles

Being fat is something that is increasingly being diagnosed and reported. Finding a way out to get rid of it is seen like an impossible task as there are a number of reasons that people would give to escape it. The major reason is it consumes a lot of time exercising and an interesting one even after exercising there is no change. A fact now here is that the exercise is not done properly even when people spend hours while doing exercise.

So is there an alternative or a solution to this problem or the reason stated by people. Yes and it must be said that it is the easiest of all till now if some of you have tried some really difficult workouts. It’s a Plank exercise. What!! Plank? That’s not an easy one. You have to get down on the floor and it is an all or none exercise. After just 30 seconds or a minute one bangs down on the floor getting tired and losing all the strength to start again or continue.

The Plank exercise that is talked about here is a device. Yes a device. Plank 360 – It is a device that easily works on the core muscles and help strengthening them and the best part is it works off the floor. Strengthening the muscles of the body that eventually provides a flat stomach is what it does to your body.

As the name suggests Plank 360 is a device that works 360 and hence allows you to do all forms of plank exercises side plank, front plank, back plank. It must be question that how does this happen. This device comes in form of resistance bands connected to cuffs you wear comfortably on your forearms. The bands stretch 3x their normal length allowing for a full range of motion, and attach securely to any door.

The benefits of resistance band are they provide huge amount of resistance, allow a free range of motion, variable speed of movement and progressive resistance. The plank exercises can be carried out by anyone, which initially was invented to help patients who had back pain and could not get down on the floor.

The PLANK-360 works on the principal of isometric muscle contractions, using muscle fibers that would otherwise remain idle. The exercises are safer and can be done anywhere which is an added benefit of the PLANK-360.

So if you have been unable to get those six pack abs or a flat stomach then you must go and try this one that will surely do wonders on your body.

Isometric training- everything you should know

Resistance training is paramount for decreasing body fat and developing lean muscles. To fulfill your fitness goals, you must opt for Isometric Training, which lets you make gains without any movement. You can perform these exercises anywhere, be it sitting, standing or driving.

Definition of Isometrics
It is a form of resistance training that involves contractions of static muscle. The muscles do not lengthen or shorten. For ex: you can hold a dumbbell in each hand while bending your elbows at a ninety degree angle. Hold this position for around 60 seconds.

The most important advantage of Isomteric is that they do not require expensive equipment and a large amount of space in your home. These can be performed only using your body weight like planks and squats.

Points to remember
When incorporating Isometrics in your training, ensure you train your muscles at a variety of different angles like 90 degrees, 20 degrees, 40 and 60 degrees. If you only train your muscles at a particular angle, then the benefit you gain will only be limited to that angle only.

Before starting this regime, ensure you decide which muscle group to target. Choose an angle and then lift your body to that specific angle for around 10 seconds. You should perform from five to ten repetitions for each exercise. Perform the exercise five days a week. Ensure you perform it at varying angles. It can only benefit you.

No doubt the regime is efficient. It becomes risky if you do not train yourself in a proper manner. If you are a BP patient or have any cardiovascular problems, then it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

Isometric exercises are static. You may have to hold your breath for quite a long time. It may cause diastolic blood pressure due to a reduction in venous return to your heart. During the session, always breathe through your nose and get it out through your mouth.

Take suggestions from a professional trainer and incorporate all the precautions in your exercise regime that a doctor suggests. Make sure you follow all these precautions.

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Plank- how to plank and uses of plank 360

Planking is one of the best and fastest ways to strengthen your core. It strengthens the muscles of your stomach and back. Having a strong core is important. It also promotes correct posture and form of the body. It is the most effective Isometric exercise to achieve a stable core. It works like a full body toner.

How to plank?
Lie face down on the mat. Raise yourself up onto your toes and elbows. Ensure your back is flat. Keep your body in a straight line. Contract your abdominal muscles to ensure your body does not drop. Hold the position as long as you can.

Try and pull your belly button towards the spine. It supports your back. If you have not performed this exercise before, you may feel a lack of strength and stability in your core. Your body may also shake. Initially, you cannot hold the position for long. After you start doing it, you notice a drastic chance. As you gain strength, you will be able to hold the position for longer periods.

You can also perform a modified plank to balance your knees. Slowly you can also incorporate side plank, arm, and leg lift planks in your exercise.

Using Plank-360
It allows full range of motion. The front plank can give you six pack abs. Side planks work for your stubborn love handles. The back plank strengthens your lower back muscles. You can work on your core without getting down on the floor.

Plank-360 is a stand-up plank device featuring resistance bands. It also provides benefits of elastic resistance exercise. These offer:
• Huge amount of resistance
• Allows free motion
• Allows you to do a plank at variable speed
• Also allows progressive resistance.

The device was specially designed for the people who cannot lie on the floor, to perform this workout. With this equipment, you can perform exercise while standing up. It makes it apt for people of all ages.

view the video above to know how to perform the workout using this equipment. It is comfortable to use.

For ordering this one of kind device, call us. You can also fill our online form to order the equipment. Online payment facility is also available. Call us for more information on the stand-up device. We will be happy to help you.

Best Fitness Regime for Men and Women

Even though with such a tight schedule people now days have started exercising as they know better now the benefits of exercise. A number of reasons are in the support as to why men exercise and women exercise and they both differ with few people just being neutral or you may say that some workout for all the reasons together.

Women most probably exercise to be in shape and not to put on weight and avoid those flabs. All other reasons are second. With the ratio of working women becoming the same as men they have become more conscious to stay in good shape and be energetic and for this reason workout is an important part of their regime now.

Talking about the workout or the exercises available then you have a big list of workouts that can be done but the purpose should be to start exercising that not only removes extra fat but also provide strength to the body.

Plank workout is the best solution. Plank is a balance and isometric core conditioning exercise that works on the core of your body thereby providing strength to your body by maintaining a difficult position for an extended period of time. Does it sound difficult to you? Yes it does, to many and it is actually not that easy as it takes a whole lot of strength to be put on the arms along with shoulders for a plank position.

An easier way out is what is required by all. And you will be surprised to know that there are various plank workout devices that will get you done with the same results. These devices work on your abs as well as remove the extra fat thus a flat stomach being an end result.

Abs workout devices strengthen your core and give you a better shape. As said above that plank is an isometric exercise that work muscle fibres that would otherwise remain idle. A number of advantages follow for the same.

There are some plank devices that do not need you to get down on the floor and use other technique so that it works just the same. So working on your core part without any big hassle. That’s great but you will be thinking does it really help. The answer is yes and it is justified by the users who have made use of these devices.

So if you want to have those six pack abs and flat stomach then plank workout devices are the best for you as they build the muscle strength and also provide resistance to the body.

Achieving fitness with Plank 360

On a general note, physical fitness is a general state of well being. Obtaining and maintaining physical fitness is an accumulative result of physical activity, healthy and nutritious diet. It enables people to stay active and fit and helps them perform to their potential.

No matter what your age is, fitness can help you look and feel young and at your best. In a way, it is defined by the ability to endure or withstand stress and illness, that usually takes a toll as we age. A fit person’s heart, lungs, and muscles perform at a set level. As physical fitness also affects the state of mind, it also influences to some degree to mental alertness and emotional well being.

It is divided into many categories. It is judged by:

•  Cardiovascular fitness: It is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the working muscle tissues and in turn the ability of muscles to produce energy using oxygen.
•  Muscular strength: Strength refers to the ability of the muscle to exert force.
•  Muscular endurance: It refers to the potential of a muscle to continue to apply force against a stationary object.
•  Flexibility of the body: It is to what extent you can bring your joints in the full range of motion.
•  Another indicator of the fitness of the body quintessentia ratio of fat to lean mass.

When you perform exercises it helps you to get rid of the body fat.

Fitness is associated with a well toned body, which is true in a sense. Plank-360 can help you achieve these goals. It not only help to get a toned body, but also puts in test your strength, flexibility and also improves your posture. It burns many calories.

The plank is one of the best exercises to work on your core. Plank-360 is a device that allows you to do a plank while standing up. It brings your muscle to a full range of motion. Front plank can give you six pack abs, side plank tones your love handles and back plank strengthens the muscles of your lower back and also enhances flexibility. The equipment help strengthens your core muscles slowly. The stand-up plank is safe to use for all age groups.

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Plank 360- Uses and Benefits

Our busy schedules left us no time for exercise. This is why most of the people are today are overweight, inflexible and have bad posture. All these things are associated with back pain. Researches have also shown that the people who suffered from lower back pain had weak core muscles. To stable core muscles, many therapists refer the use of plank.

Plank is a very popular form of exercise. It has been around since ages. It promotes core stability. Planking retrains the deep abdominal muscles, especially transverse abdominals. The plank is a great exercise that helps in retraining ab muscles. It is a form of Isometric exercise. Iso means “same” and “metric” means length. The word means holding one position for a set time without moving.

Core muscle strengthening with Plank 360

Plank-360 is a simple device featuring two latex resistance bands that are connected to cuffs to wear on your forearms. The bands can stretch 3 times its normal length, which allows a full range of motion. The equipment works on the principle that you can train your muscles by exerting 70% of your maximum strength and holding for about 10 seconds.

Benefits of using Plank 360

  • It increases the muscle strength and size.
  • It decreases the body fat.
  • The equipment allows free range of motion at variable speed.
  • Plank-360 core exercises work on all areas of the body. It works on several areas of the body together.
  • It helps in strengthening muscle and reducing unwanted fat from the body.
  • It also helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • You can perform the exercise anywhere in the home.

Plank-360 for aged people

  • Plank 360 is safe to use for all ages. They help in improving posture by strengthening upper and front part of the trunk.
  • Aged people tend to lose their balance quite often. By strengthening the core muscles, the decrease the risk of serious injury, especially to the back.
  • Improves the body’s flexibility.

For using this equipment, you need not get down on the floor. You can perform back planks, side planks while standing.

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History to Isometric exercises- uses of Plank 360

Isometric exercises develop the strength and increase the muscle mass. During isometric contractions, tension is created in the muscles and resistance equals the amount of force, due to which there is no movement involved in these exercises. Thus, these kinds of exercises are usually done in static positions. Doing these exercises just for 10 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your core muscles.

Despite of going into further into the benefits of this type of training, let’s have a look at its history:

Isometrics has been around for thousands of years in yoga and martial arts. In the early part of 20th century, Legendary Strongmen Alexander Zass and Maxick used Isometric training to build strong physiques.

Alexander Zass developed his own form of isometric workout, when he was captured by the Austrians during the World War I. To maintain his strength, he used to pull and push his chains in the cell. This workout helped him grew stronger. With the help of these exercises, he became so strong that he was even able to bend his prison bars and break the chains he was tied up with.

In the year 1960, Isometric exercises gained popularity. Famous sports star like Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris and other famous personalities like Bruce Lee and President John F. Kennedy used this type training for muscle builds up.

Bruce Lee sustained his serious back injuries with the help of core strength training. At that time, the craze for these exercises was on its prime. The books and magazines for it were available at all book stores and news stand. The craze slowly faded when it was realized that although isometric were easy to learn, but they were not a quick fix as far as one wants to get into the shape.

The other reason for their decline was its association with steroid use. Many well known body builders started using steroids at that time, to gain more strength, though it was proven wrong afterwards.

Benefits of isometric exercise using Plank 360

  • Using Plank 360, you can perform core exercises at home.
  • Plank 360 is easy to use and safe. It gives you a perfectly sculpted body.
  • When you perform an isometric exercise using plank 360, you do not move or put your muscle through any range of motion. You only hold a position for as long as you can. Even it does not require you to get down on the floor.
  • Isometric exercise does not involve joint movement as they are strength-training exercises.

The most neglected part of your body

Everyone wants to be as fit as possible. Sit-ups, push-ups walking and jogging get all the attention and that’s not fair. There’s one area of your body that’s often neglected: the core muscles. That’s unfortunate because when the core muscles are strong, the result is feeling better as we get older. Neglect them and you’re asking for trouble.

The importance of “the core.”

“The core” muscles are the muscles that make up the midsection of your body – the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. These muscles are important for all activities, including sports. Weakness in any of the core muscles can cause a weak link that has an effect on them all.

 What is “the plank?”

The “plank” is an isometric exercise and one of the best exercises to work the core. Traditionally, that exercise is done lying on the floor, face down, body raised and resting on your forearms. Unfortunately, many people have weak cores and cannot even get down on the floor to do them, let alone do them. That is especially true for those over 50.

The PLANK-360

Dr. Sheets is a chiropractor. He created the PLANK-360 so that his patients could work their core muscles without having to get down on the floor.

The PLANK-360 is a simple device that allows you to do the plank exercises while standing up. This enables you to do the plank all the way – with little resistance at first, then all the way to full resistance. And you do it at your own pace.

Get the same effect standing up as lying down.

The effect is the same as if you were actually doing the plank lying on the floor. You will strengthen the core slowly, getting stronger and stronger every time you use it.

The PLANK-360 allows full range of motion while standing.

The PLANK-360 also allows you to do planking in all directions — 360 degrees (hence the name) so that you work ALL three areas of your core.

1. The front plank is for your abs

2. The side plank tones your love handles 

3. The back plank strengthen your back muscles. (You cannot do the back plank on the floor; doing it standing is unique to the PLANK-360.) When you strengthen the core of your back, you are less likely to have back issues.

How the PLANLK-360 works

The PLANLK-360 is an amazingly simple device weighing less thanone pound. Two 100% latex resistance bands connect to cuffs you wear comfortably on your forearms. The bands stretch 3x their normal length allowing for a full range of motion, and attach securely to any door.

The PLANK-360 uses the power of resistance bands.

Elastic resistance exercise bands were originally found in equipment used in fitness programs. Observing the possibilities, they evolved into an effective rehabilitation tool used in facilities around the world.

The benefits include:

  • Increase in muscle strength and size
  • Decrease in body fat
  • They provide a huge amounts of resistance
  • They allow for a free range of motion
  • They allows for a variable speed of movement

 The PLANK-360 and isometric exercise

Isometric training is based on the theory that you can most effectively train your muscles by exerting about 60-70% of your maximum strength and holding still for about ten seconds.

The PLANK-360 works on the principal of isometric muscle contractions, using muscle fibers that would otherwise remain idle. The exercises are safer and can be done anywhere (an added benefit of the PLANK-360).

Women and Core exercises

Core exercises are crucial for women. Being overweight, for example, makes women lose their flexibility, which leads to back pain.

Research has shown that women who suffer from lower back pain have weak core muscles. To stable the core muscles, many doctors recommend plank exercises for the core and the entire body.

Strengthening and toning abdominal, chest, back and shoulder muscles.

PLANK-360 core exercises work on all areas of the body. When you perform core exercises, several areas of the body work together, making it the best workout.

With the PLANK-360 workouts, women are able to strengthen their muscles and reduce the amount of unwanted fat.
Getting rid of cellulite
The natural ways to reducing the appearance of cellulite is through exercise: Cardiovascular and isometrics. This article focuses on isometrics.

Isometric exercises for cellulite

In recent years, isometric exercises have become popular for treating thigh cellulite. It differs from traditional methods of exercise as the targeted muscle groups contract, without the need of the body undergoing full range of motion.

With the PLANK-360, isometric exercises are easy to perform and can be done anywhere.

For Seniors

When we see elderly people stopped over and walking with slow steps, we assume that time has taken its toll. But that’s not necessarily true. Over the years, long hours working, studying or just generally having bad posture shortens our muscles; these muscles get weak with age.

Improving the strength of your core muscles results in increased strength and flexibility. The result of that is simply feeling better as we age.

The PLANK-360 is safe to use for all ages.

Because the Plank-360 strengthen your core, you are less likely to have back issues. However, it was designed not only for those having back problems but or for everybody. Core muscles are vital in determining your good posture.

Improved posture 

It is not only back muscles that are important for posture, the muscles of the upper and front part of the trunk are equally important. Strengthening the trunk and abdominal muscles strengthen the muscles of your back extending to the spine.


As we age, core muscles become weak, causing a greater risk of losing our balance and falling. By strengthening the core muscles are, the risk of serious injury, especially to the back, is decreased.

Physical performance

Core exercises improve the body’s flexibility. That allows for more freedom movement now and as we age.

The PLANK-360 is ideal for back problems.

Because there’s no need to get down on the floor, you can perform side planks and back planks to get rid of extra fat deposits in your stomach and lower back area.

The PLANK-360 is easy and safe to use. It’s never too late to strengthen your core! Start now.

Remember the best part: With the PLANK-360, you can do core exercises without getting down on the floor.

You can purchase the PLANK-360 for only $29.95. To buy, click here


If you are high BP patient, you should not get engaged in these exercises as they can cause a spike in blood pressure. This can be dangerous. If you suffer from high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before for tips on how to lower your blood pressure first.

About Dr. Todd Sheets

Dr. Sheets received his four year pre-chiropractic degree at SUNY where he studied the basic sciences such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, along with basic physiology and anatomy courses.

After completing his study there, he was accepted at Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia. During his four years at Life, courses included biochemistry, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, X-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the Life College Public Clinic. After graduating in 1982 Dr. Sheets moved to the southern California area to establish his practice.

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To watch a video of the PLANK-360 in action, click here.

Remember the best part: With the PLANK-360, you can do core exercises without getting down on the floor.

You can purchase the PLANK-360 for only $29.95. To buy, click here


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The most neglected part of your body.

“Core Muscles” are responsible for posture, balance and physical performance. Neglect them and you’re asking for trouble.