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Take your Plank 360 anywhere in the world

Results in 3-4 months

Are you ready to begin your training?

What is a Plank 360?

Work your core off the floor, anywhere!

Utilize your convinient Plank 360 at home, while traveling, or outdoors on a nice day!

Elastic band adds resistance to help strengthen your core with ease. 

Get a full core workout without having to lay on the ground once.

Just 10 minutes a day is enough time to get in a full workout!

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Plank 360

Looking to build up your core strength with a fun and easy to do workout? Take the first step to commit to a life of wellness and check out the Plank 360. 


Plank 360 Couples Travel Pack (Two Plank 360s total)

Planning a trip with your significant other and don't want to share? The "Plank 360 Couples Travel Pack", is the best way for you both to get your workout in and out to your next adventure!


Plank 360 Family Pack (Four Plank 360s total)

We understand how important it is to have your own Plank 360. Save an immediate $20 when you commit to building a stronger core as a family!


Check out our video series

Plank 360 Basic Training Video

See an in depth three tier walkthrough of how to properly conduct a left & right front plank, followed by a standard abdominal crunch. This workout should take you five minutes a day to complete. 

Plank 360 Advanced Workout Video

Dive into the advanced workout and learn how to make the most out of your Plank 360 and start working toward that six pack! Learn how to perform everything from a front plank to a side plank, back plank, and full arm workout!

Plank 360 Arm Workout Video

Check out this in depth training video on how to properly conduct an arm style workout utilizing the Plank 360. Here you will learn how to do a straight chest pull, arm curl, and resistance pull that will melt fat away from your arms and replace it with strong muscle. This workout should take 5-10 minutes depending on how many sets you decide to do. 

More Content Coming soon...

We hope you enjoy our basic training video, our arm workout video, and our advanced training video. Our moderate training video is on the way as well as more great new Plank 360 content!


I have been a trainer in the physical therapy and fitness environments for over the past decade. Only the most classic pieces of equipment are incorporated into my training routines. The Plank 360 is one of those. The ability to perform basic core exercises without having to get on the floor is a revolutionary breakthrough for patients who are in the post-operative rehab stages, as well for anyone who is interested in establising a solid, core strenthening program. The lightweight, compact and travel-friendly design enables anyone to perform their core exercise- anywhere! "Hats off" to Dr. Sheets for introducing a new concept and destined to be "classic piece of core training equipment" to the theraputic and fitness communities. 

Kallen Fit NASM- PES, CPT, CES

The Plank 360 is easy to use, fun and amazing! My 71 year old mother & I worked out together with the Plank 360. It was EASY & FUN -- and accommodates every level of fitness. As a breast cancer survivor, Mom needed to find a way to strengthen her core & improve the range of motion at the surgery site in her right arm: The Plank 360 is the answer. Now we work our core off the floor! Thanks, Dr. Sheets! 

SeLina & Leilani Pierce

The Plank 360 is a great way to work out at home. It looks so simple but it is definitely a hard workout which is great. Using your body weight creates resistance and you are always flexing while balancing. 

Lesley Bazant

I had given up doing the plank exercises years ago -- just too much effort getting down on the floor. I knew the importance of planking, but it was easier for me NOT to do them. The Plank 360 is great. I'm just sorry it took me this long to discover it. Now I do the plank exercises standing up and I definitely feel the difference it makes. 

Gary Geyer

The Plank 360 is incredible! After having back pain and stiffness for years, my chiropractor, Dr. Todd Sheets, who invented the device, had me work out on the Plank 360 to strengthen my core. He helped me realize that a strong core stabilizes the back. My back pain and stiffness were completely gone after using the Plank 360 for only a couple of weeks. One side effect of using the device is getting Six-pack abs. Every time I use the device, my abdominal muscles feel tighter. I am now addicted to using the Plank 360. Thank you Dr. Sheets!!!

Carol Harbison

I was looking for ways to get rid of love handles. I read about Plank 360 and bought it. I am surprised with the results. Within a month, my body looks toned and balanced. It is very easy to perform the exercise using it. I am obsessed with using Plank 360. Thank you!

Ron Charles

The Plank 360 has been a terrific addition to my workout routine. I have noticed a major difference in my core strength after using for just a couple of weeks. It so easy to use and is so versatile.

Michael Stock